Premium Provisions for Health and Healing

Are you confused by the dizzying array of vitamins and supplements on store shelves?  Do you wonder if the supplements you are buying have junk fillers?  What if the vitamin you are currently taking exists in a molecular form that is poorly absorbed by your body?  We understand, so we’ve worked continually to research the best possible products on the market, and then make them available to you in one convenient location!

At Whole Health Center Houston, we are uniquely qualified to give you the most comprehensive assurance that our products are the best available.  All of our product offerings are hand-picked and reviewed by licensed physicians, a licensed dietitian, and even a biomedical PhD.  Most of the products we carry are “Physician Grade” or “Pharmaceutical Grade”, meaning they can only be sold through the office of a licensed medical practitioner (you won’t find most of our products at your local corner pharmacy).

You can rest assured that the products we offer are of the highest quality.  This means they have been verified for accurate label claims and they use the most bio-available forms of nutrients.  They are also free of artificial sweeteners, junk fillers, and everything else that you shouldn't be ingesting.  You can stop wasting your time and energy staring blankly at the shelves on your local supplement aisle now.  We've done the work for you!


Integrity Without Compromise

Honesty and integrity are central to our business philosophy at Whole Health Center Houston.   You may find the same products we offer at a lower price on a competitor’s site or at a larger online marketplace (e.g. Amazon ®).  And you may be wondering why you shouldn’t just buy it from them and save a little money.  That’s a valid question, and here is what we would like for you to think about:

First and foremost, you will receive a level of service from our small clinic that is magnitudes greater than those larger retailers can offer you.  We work hard to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, but if you have any problems or concerns we can literally elevate it from the receptionist to the owner of the company in a matter of minutes.  We will work hard to earn and to keep your business!

Furthermore, most of the products we carry are “Physician Grade” and they cannot be sold at the larger online retailers (e.g. Amazon ®) without violating the manufacturers terms. Also, these products often have strict stipulations from the manufacturer which dictate the lowest price we are allowed to advertise.  We always advertise at the lowest allowable price.  Therefore, if you are seeing lower prices from someone else OR the product is sold at a large online retailer we urge you to exercise extreme caution! Those vendors may be operating outside of a formal agreement with the manufacturers, which means they have no accountability.  There have been reports of expired products being sold, and even labels being forged or swapped.  Furthermore, you can’t be assured that the products have been properly stored in whatever warehouse facility they are coming from.  When you’re investing so much in your health already, don’t try to save a few dollars at the risk of compromising everything else.


Fast and Secure Shipping

We package our products securely and appropriately.  There will be plenty of padding to keep products from flopping around during transit, and If we are shipping an item that is sensitive to heat we will use a cold pack. 

Any orders received by 1:00 pm Central Time M - F will be processed and given to the courier on the same day.  For people in and near Texas, this means you will likely receive your package the next day!  For others, you will get it in 2 – 3 from the time you ordered.  And, because we use FedEx, deliveries are also made on Saturdays. 


Excellent Return Policy

We make returns as simple as possible.  You may return any unopened product that still has the original seal intact within 30 days of purchase.  If you would like to initiate a return, please contact our office at and we will email a pre-paid shipping label to you.  You can simply affix that label to your package and drop it at any authorized FedEx shipping center.  We will refund the full purchase price of the returned product when we have received and inspected it. Simple!