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Sunflower Lecithin

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    Sunflower Lecithin is a natural fat emulsifier that can help to reduce the "stickiness" of the milk and deter fats from clumping together.

    Sunflower lecithin production and uses

    Sunflower lecithin is made by dehydrating sunflowers and separating the gum, oil, and solids. The method used is cold pressing rather than chemicals often used in the process of soy lecithin production. This is one reason sunflower lecithin is a safer and healthier option than soy lecithin. Soybeans are a common GMO crop that can damage your gut health. Sunflower crops are not typically GMO. Soy is a top allergen and, therefore, must be avoided by many people.

    Sunflower lecithin is widely used in cooking because it is an emulsifier. It is high in protein, and when added to a combination of fats and liquids, those molecules make it tough for the fat and liquid to separate. In the kitchen, we can use sunflower lecithin to keep the oil and vinegar parts of salad dressing from separating. It is added when making chocolate for that nice smooth and silky texture. In bread making, it makes the dough more elastic, so when your bread or pizza dough is cooked, it will have a nice chew and be lighter rather than dense.

    Body care products use lecithin in products like eye creams, lipsticks, and moisturizers. It is recognized for its antioxidant properties and ability to emulsify other ingredients, creating a smooth product that feels good on your skin. It keeps skin soft by being able to retain moisture.


    Sunflower lecithin health benefits:

    1. Reduces cholesterol

    Cholesterol is a fatty substance that travels through the bloodstream. There is LDL and HDL cholesterol. Too much LDL cholesterol can clog blood vessels and lead to strokes or heart attacks. The HDL takes excess LDL and helps the body get rid of it. Lecithin can quickly lower LDL cholesterol levels by 42%. (5)

    2. Prevent and resolve plugged ducts and mastitis

    Fat molecules in breast milk clump together and sometimes make it harder for milk to flow through the ducts. These clogs create a backup further into the ductal system, which can cause more inflammation and pain in the breast tissue. Lecithin can decrease the viscosity of breastmilk, so the fatty molecules of the milk are not able to stick to the walls of milk ducts as easily. Sunflower Lecithin, as a lactation supplement, can be taken along with probiotics. Sunflower lecithin should be taken for a short period of time since it may have a pro-inflammatory effect.

    3. Brain health

    Your brain is made up of 60% fat. (6) Sunflower lecithin contains fatty acids that are important for your brain to function well. The early years of life are when the brain is growing the most. Later in life, lecithin has been found to be helpful with patients who have Alzheimer's disease and may delay the onset of Dementia. (8) Choline in sunflower lecithin is linked to improved memory and cognitive function. (7)

    4. Improve bone & joint health

    Sunflower lecithin acts as a lubricant to keep joints moving smoothly. Choline in lecithin may help rebuild bone tissue.

    5. And more….

    The list of benefits is long. People have also reported improved quality of sleep, reduced stress, effective for improving eczema and acne, slowed aging, may help balance hormones, lower blood pressure, and boost the immune system.

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